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DC-AC Converter 12V to 110V 220V AC 150W Inverter Boost Board Transformer Power

Price: 8.75 USD

ST7920 128x64 Graphic LCD Blue Backlight for EasyPIC5 HIGH QUALITY QC12864B

Price: 8.72 USD

5PCS Mega 2560 R3 CH340G/ATmega2560-16AU, MicroUSB. Compatible for Arduino Mega 2560. With Bootloader

Price: 42.5 USD

PN532 NFC Precise RFID IC Card Reader Module 13.56MHz for Raspberry PI

Price: 8.7 USD

100% New QG82945GC SLB86 BGA Chipset

Price: 8.55 USD

NodeMcu Lua WIFI Internet development board based on ESP8266 CP2102

Price: 8.86 USD

ESP32-WROVER ESP-32 ESP-32S ESP32 WROVER 4MB Module with 32 Mbits PSRAM

Price: 8.25 USD

100% test very good product 218-0755097 218 0755097 bga chip reball with balls IC chips

Price: 8.95 USD

VL53L0X laser ranging sensor ToF ranging flight time ranging sensor module

Price: 9.88 USD

Low Frequency Signal Source Generator Module ICL8038 Sine Square Triangle Wave

Price: 9.88 USD

Conductive Ink Pen Electronic Circuit Draw Instantly Magical Pen Circuit DIY Maker Student Kids Education Magic Gifts

Price: 9.29 USD

1pcs 24V switching power supply board, 4A 6A big power modules, bare board, AC-DC power supply module (H5A2)

Price: 9.24 USD

1000 pcsLot 5mm LED Highlight Green Light LED LED Wholesale Dropshipping

Price: 9.8 USD

L6470 Stepper Driver Breakout 3A 8-45V bipolar stepper motor driver

Price: 10.05 USD

300 Mbps WIFI Repeater 2 Amplifier Extender 2 Signal Boosters WiFi Wireless Universal Router

Price: 9.83 USD

New CSRA64215 V4.0 V4.2 Bluetooth Audio Module I2S Output Support USB Sound Card

Price: 10.11 USD

XH-M190 2 * 100W digital amplifier board 12V-24V wide voltage dual-channel amplifier TPA3116D2 board

Price: 9 USD